About Us

In construction since 1984, Todd Williams has worked in every function of the business. Along the way, he has learned that it is the little things that mean the most. A craftsman at heart with passion for his trade, Todd has applied his work ethic and knowledge of the industry to establish a business with the mission of making your vision come to life. The incorporation of respect, details, scheduling, and reliability into his work are just a few of the reasons to hire Todd Williams Construction, LLC for the job.


Pride in Our Work

"We pride ourselves on making sure the details are done right the first time. Our philosophy includes hands-on participation, communication, and reliability. The general contracting services we offer provide a superior building experience by developing strong client relationships, understanding your needs, and creating your vision."

- Todd Williams


What sets us apart is the details: coordination, communication, respect for you and your project, and daily clean-up. This is how we operate.

"I am serious about what we do; we do a good job and I respect your home and the project. It makes a difference when I know how much the job means to you, because I care about the process as much as the end result. You can rest assured that we will always keep your best interests in mind throughout this process."

- Todd Williams


We use qualified individuals in the industry to ensure a superior result and a satisfying experience for our clients. When you call Todd Williams Construction, LLC, you too will find we are the contracting company you can count on.

Communication – We will keep you informed!

Coordination – We take responsibility for scheduling vendors and sub-contractors. Jobs flow easier when everyone knows the schedule.

Detail-oriented – We strive for a short punch list by doing things right the first time.

Maintains schedule start to finish – When we set a schedule, we thoroughly work through the scheduling details and make timely adjustments if things come up.

Process – This should be a fun time looking forward to your completed project. We eliminate surprises by keeping you informed. With us on the job, you can take a vacation from worry knowing we’ve got it handled.

Reliable – We get the job done and done right – we want you to refer us to your friends and family!

Respect – We keep your best interests and the details that are important to you in mind.

Step-by-Step (Process)

Each job is unique and has different requirements; here is a basic description of how the process would work.

1. Call or email and we will set up a time to discuss on site your general project details.

2. Once we have the details of your project, we will provide an estimate range.

3. When we have been hired for the job, we will narrow down the specifics of your job and finalize your proposal.

4. We work the schedule from the completion date backwards to schedule sub-contractors and vendor deliveries and account for potential setbacks such as weather.

5. Once your project begins, we have the details handled so take a mental vacation! Generally, we see our clients daily on their way to or from work. If we don’t see you during the workweek, we’ll contact you with updates.

6. We like to address any issues, changes, details or questions as they come up, so don’t be afraid to ask!